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Discover the power of AI powered e-learning with the Collow platform. E-learning platform

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The advantages of your own academy

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Bring learning to life

Is your organization brimming with knowledge that you like to share? Translate your expertise with clever AI tools to effective e-learnings and save up to 70% on development time of your curriculum.

With your own e-learning academy you can bring learning to live. Interactive, scalable and flexible.


AI based content

Enhance your content by using AI and create explainers, exams and quizzes in no-time.


Knowledge is tested through practical assignments, quizzes and exams.

AI translations

Translate your course content by using AI to more than 60 languages.


View the progression of your users on a easy to use dashboard.

AI Instruction videos

Let AI Create instruction videos in more than 130 languages.


No longer dependent on a few people who have to physically provide training.

Voordelen (oud)



Eindeloos veel medewerkers, klanten of partners trainen zonder beperkingen.


Meertaling aan te bieden en gebruiksvriendelijk in het ontwikkelen en aanpassen van trainingen.


Kennis wordt getest middels praktijkopdrachten, quizzes en video’s.


Voortgang wordt inzichtelijk met trainingcertificaten en de progressie wordt overzichtelijk weergegeven in het admin dashboard.


Wees nooit meer afhankelijk van enkele personen die fysiek een training moeten geven.


Van het leveren van standaardtrainingen tot het ontwikkelen van maatwerktrainingen; alles kan door Collow gefaciliteerd worden.

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Your branded academy

With your own branded academy, you can also use your academy for external parties. If you want to train your partners or customers, you can do so in your own Academy, completely designed according to your corporate identity. You also build your employer brand. With your own Academy you show that your organization embraces 'live long learning and development' .

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